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Choose from Relaxation Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Deep Tissue or Thai Acupressure Massage that incorporates yogic stretching.
Reiki Healing treatments can be included in each session.
60min $95
90min $130 


Reiki Healing

Perfect for releasing anxiety, tension & overwhelm. Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy and balances mind, body and spirit. Reiki is an energy healing that feels like you're being bathed in unconditional love. It is performed fully clothed and is deeply relaxing.  Reiki Classes for Children & Adults Available.
$60min $95


 Pamper Sessions

Take some time out to relax with friends, share childcare and enjoy a massage, meditation or Reiki session.
Sessions are available at the beautiful Spirit2U clinic or in your own home*.
* Mobile sessions within 10km Mt Evelyn.
 $55pp per half hour. Minimum 90min.


Meditation & Hypnosis MP3's

Perfect for Insomnia, Anxiety, Weight Loss and Healing, my collection of Hypnotic Meditations are available to download individually or as a bundles for Parents & Children.
Click on image above to see the entire range.
From $4.99


Emotional Freedom Technique 

Feeling anxious, exhausted or battling with trauma or overwhelm? EFT, also known as tapping is a self-help acupressure technique you can learn to calm your body's stress response and bring you back to a state of calm quickly.
$170 first 90min Session
$150 follow up.
Concessions available.



Are you ready to make positive changes in your life?
Hypnotherapy uses guided meditation techniques to help you re-set negative feelings, beliefs & behaviours, regain control of your emotions & feel empowered. You will remain awake and aware yet deeply relaxed as your guided towards the goals you want to achieve. Hypnotherapy Includes support downloads.
$170 for first 90min Session  $150 follow up.  Concessions Available.


Spirit2U, Shop 6,
2-6 Birmingham Rd
Mt Evelyn, 3796.


Chrissy Ortner
TEL: 0430 322711