Massage, Reiki, Sound Healing...

Choose from Relaxation, Deep Tissue or Acupressure Massage with plant based oils combined with organic essential oils. Reiki Healing can be incorporated within these sessions to aid relaxation and a sense of deep peace. Perfect for releasing anxiety, tension & overwhelm, Reiki treatments boost the immune system, reduce the symptoms of stress and can help synchronise sleep patterns. These sessions can include crystal and sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls. 

60mins $130, 90mins $160.


Switch off the negative self talk and allow your subconscious to create long term positive change. Hypnotherapy is deeply calming and empowering and in a session you will feel like you are listening to a story with your eyes gently closed, whilst remaining focused and in control. Sessions focus on your unique goals.
Specialising in Anxiety, Trauma, Hypno-birthing, 
90mins $190

Emotional Freedom Technique ( Tapping)

The ultimate stress and pain tool. Combining acupressure with modern psychology, EFT is the most effective way that I've experienced to reduce anxiety, fear , pain and trauma. It can be learnt in a single session as a self help technique and is often combined with Hypnotherapy to release negative memories and unwanted emotional and physiological triggers from the past.
90mins $190

Shop 6, 2-6
Birmingham Rd, 
Mount Evelyn

Access the carpark via the driveway
closest to Hereford Rd. 

* Eftpos Available