Emotional Freedom Technique- EFT

EFT, also known as Tapping, is a healing technique that combines Chinese acupressure points tapped with the fingers and modern Psychology. Clinical research has shown that EFT switches off the body's stress response, helps  release negative emotions and beliefs and kick starts the healing process. It is the most powerful technique I've experienced in 25 years working as a therapist to release tension, fear, anxiety, trauma, phobias, pain  and a host of mind/body conditions.

Clinical research has shown that tapping these points stops the release of cortisol, a stress hormone that inhibits healing. Pain and strong negative feelings can activate this stress response, resulting in more tension and pain. When we deactivate the body's stress response, whilst at the same time acknowledging difficult feelings, beliefs and memories, it helps change our physiology and how we feel. A single session has been clinically shown to change the expression of our DNA: over 72 genes responsible for inflammation, tumour supression, insulin levels and immune function were impacted and levels of the  stress hormone, cortisol, were significantly reduced.

EFT is a fast, effective self-help tool and with clinical guidance can be effective for both emotional and physical issues.
Introductory EFT can be taught in private sessions, can be included in a 90min massage session or given as a workshop.

EFT is beneficial for controlling emotional eating and weight loss, quit smoking, low self esteem, exam stress and improving sports performance.