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Mt Evelyn Clinic & Mobile Service Yarra Ranges.

Mothers Groups…

Have your own treatment party and take turns to watch the kids.

From $150 for the first 90mins of shared time.

Choose from Massage/ Reiki Healing / Head, Neck,Shoulders, Deep Tissue, Foot Massage, Chakra Balancing, Acupressure Massage & Meditation.

Available in your own home, community centre

or at the beautiful Spirit2U Studio in Mt Evelyn.

*Psychic readings & Tarot Readings available in addition if booked at Spirit2U.

Are you struggling to cope with the day to day demands of juggling family and work commitments

and finding the symptoms of stress such as tension, overwhelm, illness, exhaustion or pain are only increasing?

I help busy parents who are struggling to do it all with nurturing massages, emotional support & therapies for chronic pain.  

You can expect to feel nurtured, relaxed and revitalised so you can be at your best for those you care about.

Specialising in-

 Tension, Insomnia, Anxiety, Post Natal Depression, Trauma, Chronic Pain, Chronic illness.

7 Minute Self Care for Mums. Passion & Purpose

Need some ‘Me Time’?

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7 minute Meditation that  maximises ‘me time’. Designed to fit around your morning bathroom routine, de-stress with this guided meditation and when you open your eyes, you’ll feel positive, calm and energised and see the proof in the mirror.


​" The tension, anxiety and pressure have gone completely and I feel so calm and relaxed." -Tash, Brighton

"Having had a damaged neck and shoulder I received Thai Massage and Reiki and within 2 days my pain was resolved. Well done and many thanks." - Sarah

​" I cannot recommend Chrissy's massages enough. Not only does she understand muscles, the body and pressure points but she has healing hands!

So relaxing and therapeutic. Thank you." - Joelle

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and heart. It works, thank you so much.”  - Sam, Mt Evelyn

“Thank you so much- the most most relaxed I’ve felt in a long time. An absolutely lovely experience. -Lauren, Upwey.

I feel very excited to tell you I feel fab today. No clunks and grindings in my back and neck from knots. (which was just the norm lately) You’ve done a great job!! Thank you!” -Gill

Banish Tension & Exhaustion Naturally…


Reiki Morning Healing Meditation

Chrissy Ortner BA.DipEDPsych.MAACHP

With two children of my own, I understand many of the struggles that pregnancy and parenting present.

I established Massage 4 Mums in 2010 to offer a one stop service to address muscular tension, exhaustion, pain, overwhelm, anxiety, depression and trauma with fast and effective natural treatments so you can feel great again and be at your best for those you care about.

I am meditation teacher on the No.1 meditation app Insight Timer and offer 7 free audios there for insomnia and anxiety for both adults and children.

I am a certified and registered Massage Therapist, Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki, EFT & NLP Practitioner

& Hypno Childbirth Practitioner

Relaxation Massage

Incorporating smooth sweeping strokes in combination with aromatherapy oils, this massage is perfect to soothe nerves, improve circulation and ease muscular tension.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a firmer massage that focuses on releasing the bundles of painful tight muscle fibres that form as a result of tension or injury. It focuses on releasing tension in the deeper muscles, tendons and connective tissue around joints.

Thai Acupressure Massage

Thai Massage dates back over 2,500 years and combines yogic stretches with acupressure point and deep tissue massage.

It is both relaxing and therapeutic and is a comprehensive full body massage performed through loose clothing. 90min

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a gentle and deeply relaxing hands on healing technique and even a short session can feel like the equivalent of several hours sleep. It can also be the perfect complement to a massage treatment as healing energy flows to where it’s needed most; alleviating both physical and emotional issues.